Unexpected death is commonplace throughout the world, and more often than not, many people die prematurely, and with insufficient life insurance cover to protect families and businesses.

Your death could leave your family or your business financially vulnerable. It’s difficult to replace a person, but not difficult to replace the money with protection of life insurance.

  • Do you have enough life insurance to provide your family with a mortgage free home?
  • Do you have enough life insurance for your children to attend private college or university?
  • Do you have enough life insurance to replace your income for your family before you reach retirement?
  • Have you enough life insurance to replace your retirement income for the benefit of your family?

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Expat Life Insurance in Indonesia

“Expatriates often overlook the need for life insurance as they have bought some before they became an expat. More often than not, domestic policies are not designed for expats who continually moving country or living in countries deemed ‘dangerous’ by insurance companies and therefore are not covered and wasting money on premiums that may lead to claims being denied.”

– Paul Beale, CEO of GMS

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