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Your health is your greatest asset, and as such it ought to be protected at all costs. This fact is shown in the lengths that we go to ensure that we are healthy – we change our diets, change our lifestyles and even take drastic measures to take control of our health. Health is important. However, how do you take control of your health in a foreign land?

It can be challenging enough as a foreigner in a country that you know little about – you have to contend with new environments, new people and possibly learning a new language. However, when it comes to your health while living in a foreign land, what can you do?

The simple answer to this question is health insurance. However, finding the right medical insurance, especially as an expat isn’t as simple as that.

The Medical Insurance Challenge for Expats

Medical insurance, in short is insurance in case of any dire medical emergency. Medical insurance can be as basic as covering only life-threatening illnesses or accidents, to as complete as even covering your dental bills and other less serious incidents that require the attention of a doctor or physician.

Once you are a permanent resident of a country, you’re eligible to apply for medical insurance from the state once it is available – and in most cases at least basic health insurance is available for the average citizen. However, if you’re an expat residing in a foreign country, medical insurance takes on a whole new meaning.

For one thing, you’re not officially a resident of the country. Therefore, you’re not eligible to apply for their health insurance plans, since you’re not officially a citizen. Secondly, depends on the country in which you’re temporarily living, you may not think the coverage available to you is ideal or on par with the coverage offered in your home town.

This is quite a struggle for an expat, and this sort of stress coupled with the stress of living in another country can be quite unbearable, so what do you do?

The Right Choice for Expat Medical Insurance

In order for you to get the proper health care in a country like Indonesia, you need an independent partner to carve out the ideal medical insurance that will suit your need as a expat. That’s where Global Management Services comes into the equation!

At GMS we understand people’s needs are different. That is why we offer an independent service offering insurance from various providers to suit the needs of expatriates in Indonesia. We work with William Russell, Bupa, Interglobal and many more insurance companies offering high quality insurance to protect you and your family.

Why choose Global Management Services?

The reasons are simple, but telling nonetheless. In Indonesia, expats aren’t entitled to any national healthcare. You’re putting yourself at risk of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills. You need a secure way to protect you and your family.

Expat Health Insurance in Indonesia is key to protecting families against devastating illnesses and painful accidents. Why not speak to the professional expat broker in Indonesia offering high quality and cheap health insurance? You should have your health – something that’s very important, in fact it’s everything to us – handled by professionals who are going to give you the best possible. Global Management Services can help protect you from all the dangers that temporarily residing in a foreign country can bring. Your health is your greatest asset, therefore you should treat it as such.

You deserve to have the best medical insurance! Get it from us at Global Management Services. Request a quote today, and change your life.