Corporate Financial Planning

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A corporate financial analysis with Global Management Services will highlight the benefits and knowledge needed, to protect your company against major risks that can result in economic insecurity on a corporate level.  These risks include the protection against major medical bills for your employees, their dependants, fellow partners, and directors of your Company.  Protection for loss of income due to long term accident and sickness can relieve the financial burden of the Company’s pay role for employees, partners and company directors’. Provide a capital sum to compensate for the loss of a key employees’, partners’ or fellow directors’ in the event of their premature death or diagnosis of a critical illness, a corporate succession plan to ensure the continuity of your business and protection against loans, mortgages and other financial obligations.  Establishing a retirement plan for employees, partners and directors is vital as the risk of insufficient income during old age is a major risk associated with retirement planning.

Corporate Financial Services

  • Key Man Protection
  • Partnership Protection
  • Director Share Protection,
  • Corporate Loan Protection
  • Group International Health Insurance & Emergency Medical Evacuation Protection
  • Group Life Assurance, Critical Illness & Total Permanent Disability Protection
  • Group Retirement Planning